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How To Have a Great Memorial Day!

*AUDIO* Did We Learn Nothing?

Rantin' bout Thomas Jefferson & a butterfly flappin its wings!

Did We Learn Nothing?

Rantin’ bout my weekend, my voice being shot, booze, and how much of a whimp I am!

Looking for deer and sweatin out beer!

Ask Corey Anything!!

3 Clicks & A Hick Ep 1!

No More Guilty Pleasures!

Redneck Aromatherapy!

Rantin’ Bout Conspiracy Theories and Dad History

Meet Toby… My Dog-In-Law!

*AUDIO* Brains Are A**holes!

Brains Are A**holes!

Super Sweet Antique Haul!

Thoughts on A.I. + some silly ChatGPT prompts!

Tucker Carlson, Steven Crowder, and Ben Shapiro Are Not From The South:)

A Habitual Habit Haver!

*AUDIO* Farewell, Tucker

Farewell, Tucker

Fantastic Priorities and How I Got Them!

Making my wife a chicken salad… redneck/Italian fusion!

The Road To Nothing! (Audio Essay w/ Brief Banter)

The Road To Nothing


making pasta and cookies for my wife!: an audio experience!

Me and my son’s first fight!

A Tradition Unlike Any Other! *ANIMATED*

A Tradition Unlike Any Other!!

Redneck Bromance Part 5 (EDITED RE-UPLOAD!)

Redneck Bromance Part 5: Lies about myself that I agree with!

Me and my special boy wanted to say hey!!

The Newborn 15 (Lbs) & Your Self Worth!

How I'm Morphing Into A Cliche Dad Before My Very Eyes!!!

*Early Access* WellRED Podcast #316 - Sean Patton is Number One!!! (Featuring Sean Patton... duh)

5 Things I've Learned In My 10 Days As A Father! (Audio!)

5 Things I've Learned In My 10 Days As A Father!

Some word vomit about being a new dad!

Checkin' in w/ a baby update!

“If you want to make god laugh, tell him about your plans”

The Baseball Card Proverb

Ramblin' bout butter meditation, mental Health, and how awful the internet is!

My Latest Book Haul!

Time Machine Talks: Colonel Cornbread Returns!

Being A Millennial Husband!

Brett Favre, Pat Mcafee, and The Barbara Streisand Effect!

Chinese Proverb & Such!


Redneck Bromance Pt 4!

SickCast!: Rantin’ Bout Stone Cold & The Sopranos!

Time Travel Talks: A Conversation W/ Colonel Cornbread!

“When are you most content?”

Goin’ Buck on Chicken Salad and Nicotine Cravings!

Thank Y’all For Watching My Special!

Corey Ryan Forrester: A Long Line Of Stupid premiers this Sunday on Amazon!!

Civil War Stuff: A Grave Situation!

The Good With The Bad or (Spring Bout To Sprung!) *audio*

The Good With The Bad or (Spring Bout To Sprung!)

Rummaging Through The Woods!

Happy Valentines Day!

Change in “Content” delivery!!

Story Time!: “Thats the kind of friend you need, kid!”

Corey's State Of The Union!

Rantin about the orange chicken pasta I made!

Redneck Bromance Part 3: Things Are Really Heating Up!

My Niece is extra hilarious today! 🤣

Small Town Water Towers

I’ve Decided To Be An Alpha Male

Redneck Bromance Part 2: Two Is Better Than One!

Growing Up (Audio)

Redneck Bromance Part 1: The Boys Go To A Nudist Retreat

M&M’s, Gas Stoves, Meemaw’s Cookin’, Donald Trump, & Cheetos!

Unsolicited Advice: When Not To Ruminate

Growing Up

Pro Tip: How To Not Back Over a Cat 🐱

1/20/2023 - Hospital Waiting Room

Waxing Nostalgic: Hometown Barbers

1/19/23 - Pigskin Picnic For Paul: 2 Pigs One Pen or (JAGGGGGGGGSSSSS!!!)

Are We Done Mythologizing People?

Rantin Bout Wars & Stuff

Civil War History Short: William H Lytle!

What's Happening?: Trending On Twitter Vol 2 (audio)

Random Thoughts: Men Are Stupid (Audio)

Random Thoughts: Men Are Stupid!

Random Opinion: I Miss Hearing A "Grown Man" Sing!

What's Happening?: Trending On Twitter 1/10/23

Pigskin Picnic For Paul: Skin In The Game!

What's Going On?: Trending On Twitter!

Talking Comedy W/ Brent Terhune!

Talking Comedy W/ Brent Terhune!

Stoner Thoughts: Ant Colonies

Pigskin Picnic For Paul: What a Bonanza!