Change in “Content” delivery!!


Hey guys, just in case you don’t feel like watching this video I will sum it up here:

In order to combat the amount of emails that are constantly flooding your inbox, I am going to be posting all the same stuff as I normally do throughout the week… you just won’t get emailed for each specific thing!

I pitched this at the beginning but enough of you said you’d like to be notified whenever I posted something new, so I just rolled with it!

Only difference is… I put WAYYY more on this Substack now so I can see how that’s annoying!

So again…. Nothing about the “content” here will change (in fact I’ll be posting more frequently over the next few months!) it’s just that you’ll only receive ONE email a week so that I’m not annoying you

If you have the app I’m pretty sure you don’t even need the email to notify you when things go up!

Let me know how y’all feel about this. Sorry to be a bother!


Corey Ryan Forrester