Joke Of The Day!

it's..... its the joke of the day! Corey reads a joke, and then dissects it a little!

Joke Of The Day - Gettin Coffee Watch now (2 min) | True Story
Joke Of The Day - Pain In The A$$Watch now (1 min) | Good late morning to you all! Hope you enjoyed the audio essay this morning! Here’s your joke! Tell your boss I said he sucks…
Joke Of The Day - Little Johnny & The “B” Sound! Watch now (3 min) | Hey gang! Hope y’all are having a great day…. Even if you’ve spent most of it at work! Enjoy your joke:)
Joke Of The Day! Submitted by Beverly Sweeney! Watch now (3 min) | Big thanks to subscriber Beverly Sweeney for submitting this silly little joke! As some of you may have noticed,now that I’m in the…
Joke Of The Day w/ Guest Joker Kirby Askew!Watch now (2 min) | Have a wonderful Wednesday, y’all! Btw, if any of y’all ever wants to be a guest joker, email Hell we…
Joke of The Day - The Preacher’s Wife’s Special Skill! Watch now (3 min) | Good morning, readers! Hope you enjoy this story from my youth! Thank you for being a subscriber here at…
Joke Of The Day 9/19 - More Dad Jokes!Watch now (4 min) | As some of you know, I just recently found out I’m going to be a Daddy! I reckon I better get used to telling these! Having a baby…
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