Joke Of The Day!

it's..... its the joke of the day! Corey reads a joke, and then dissects it a little!

Joke Of The Day Vacation Edition - Portland, Maine!Watch now (1 min) | I think my wife wants me to quit this!!
Joke Of The Day Vacation Edition: Salem, Massachusetts! Watch now (1 min) | I hope you like these jokes more than my wife did! 🤣🤣🤣
Joke Of The Day - Limp Duck!!Watch now (1 min) | It’s Friday y’all! Have a good one and enjoy ya joke! Skeeeww!
Joke Of The Day - Traffic. That’s the joke 😡Watch now (1 min) | Sorry for venting, y’all! Stressful day! See ya tonight in Raleigh if you’re at the show! Be sure to hug my neck:)
Joke Of The Day - Frank Sinatra! Watch now (3 min) | More of a story, but it sure made me laugh! Hope y’all are having a great day!
Joke of The Day! - A Hair-Do On Vacation! Watch now (2 min) | Good afternoon,readers! Today’s joke comes to you once again from Minnie Pearl!
Joke Of The Day! W/ Guest Joker Kirby Askew! Watch now (2 min) | hey y’all! Brought in a reliever from the bullpen while I’ve got this silly little throat scratch! Enjoy!
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