Park Rants

I walk in the park every day and I bring my podcast equipment with me just in case I have a random thought, or, more likely, want to bitch about something:)

Checkin' in w/ a baby update!Listen now (14 min) | hey gang! Sorry about my absence and thank you for being patient with me! Y’all are the best ‘corey
The Baseball Card ProverbWatch now (3 min) | Here’s my silly thought of the week! This is about as deep as I can get 🤣 Sorry bout the wind! Have a great day, y’all! ‘ Corey
Ramblin' bout butter meditation, mental Health, and how awful the internet is!Listen now (21 min) | Hey y’all! Happy Monday and remember to take care of your brain!
Chinese Proverb & Such! Watch now (4 min) | Hey y’all! Wanted to share something with y’all that really helped my brain this week! Love y’all! ‘ Corey
I LOVE GATLINBURG! Listen now (9 min) | What’s your favorite cheesy touristy city? Or your favorite cheesy activity? Calling all non-cynics!! Have a good one, y’all!
“When are you most content?”Listen now (16 min) | Big thanks to Rosemary Shields for posing this question and starting me off down a long winded rant! A long winded rant that I…
Goin’ Buck on Chicken Salad and Nicotine Cravings! Listen now (10 min) | Aight y’all, whether you like it or not YOU ARE ON THIS JOURNEY WITH ME NOW! 🤣 What’s your go to drunk snack? What subjects…
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