Feb 22 • 20M

Time Travel Talks: A Conversation W/ Colonel Cornbread!

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Earlier this week, Marjorie Taylor Greene made some comments alluding to the fact that maybe this country needs to split up and go its separate ways. She of course thinks that all the problems we face as a nation are caused by Blue states and their nefarious ways. The first thing naturally that sprang to my mind is the fact that a hundred and sixty-some-odd years ago, we tried just that and it didn’t go particularly well. For either side really, but certainly for the side that Mrs. Greene and people like her would have fought for.

All that got me thinking: have we really forgotten about the civil war? I mean, I know we haven’t forgotten its existence, at least where i’m from. Hell, our streets are still named for the generals who got their asses whipped. But have were lost sight of its importance? Do we not remember how we got there and what the ramifications were?

Well, if you have, luckily I’m here for you! In this time of great political strain, I have gone out of my way to invent a time machine so that I can travel backward in history and interview someone who was there!

Today you will meet Colonel Charlie “Cornbread” Huffstetler. Colonel Cornbread was born in Northwest Georgia but fought for Major General William Rosecrans and the union army in the battle of Chickamauga because….. well…. I’ll let the good colonel tell you all about it….you’re listening to Time Travel Talks, or TTT on the PartTimeFunnyMan.com network and this is episode 1…. Northern Aggression and Southern Regression