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Granny Bain & Rafael Belliard!

Granny Bain & Rafael Belliard!


Hey, y’all! First off: how the hell are ya? Secondly: for some reason I have been logged out of my substack app and it won’t let me back in, so that’s why i’ve been oddly silent in the comment section, and in the chat… I hope to have this rectified soon and i’m sorry for appearing as if I’m not around!

The Braves are about to play The Phillies and while it’s very possible they will lose the series, I have really been enjoying baseball again for the first time in a while!

This got me feeling very nostalgic, so I thought I would talk a little 90’s Braves Baseball, and share a heartwarming story about my Grandmother and the love she had for the Braves!

Love y’all and ill see ya tomorrow!

P.S. a captioned video version of this will be released tomorrow but I didn’t want to flood your inboxes tonight and piss anyone off!