Aug 27 • 25M

Sunday Sermon 8/27: RIP Bob Barker!

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Corey Ryan Forrester
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Friends and neighbors, Children of The Flock, Pastor Petey Perkins here and I must start off by apologizing to Brother Corey Ryan Forrester….

You see, Brother Corey asked me to keep this weeks sermon brief. He is taking care of his baby alone while his wife is in Florida, no doubt committing sins, though none of which are against Pastor Petey’s personal religion!

He said he wanted to keep the editing to a minimum but Father God the Holy Spirit grabbed holt of Pastor Petey’s tongue and would turn it loose, amen!

Please join me in remembering our beloved Bob Barker, who of course will be mentioned in our prayer, but is also the inspiration for today’s message: Stop And Smell The Roses!

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It of course is not required, but if these sermons and all the other “content” provide you with value, consider it a fair trade! Wooo FATHER GOD!

Have a wonderful Sunday and stay tuned for Tuesdays W/ Corey, right here on your one stop shop for the funnies and the feel goods!

‘Pastor Petey Perkins