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Park Rant: 5 Stories - 4 True, One False!


Hey, y’all! As you know from the Substack Chat (if you’re not on there, you really should be… we have fun!) Yesterday on Twitter I posted 5 Stories about myself with one of them being false and asked folks to guess which one was the lie! The stories were as follows:

1.) Adam Sandler is the one who told me Hugh Hefner Died

2.) Mel Brooks sang to me on my 30th birthday

3.) I was arrested at Talladega when I was 21

4.) I taught Attorney General Eric Holder what Kegels are

5.) my sister punched me in the nose at a Jimmy Buffett concert and broke it

I posted the reveal on twitter and all the other socials, but said I’d save the FULL story on each one for a park rant….. and here is said park rant!

I hope you enjoy and are having a great week! I’ll see y’all later with more entertainment !

Also THANK YOU to everyone who upgraded to a PAID membership this week! You help keep the lights on for this little grass roots operation!


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I walk in the park every day and I bring my podcast equipment with me just in case I have a random thought, or, more likely, want to bitch about something:)