Jun 18, 2022 • 16M

Dating In The Rural South or (The Farm Party From Hell)

A Stand Up Clip

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I walk in the park every day and I bring my podcast equipment with me just in case I have a random thought, or, more likely, want to bitch about something:)
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Hey all and Happy Saturday! I’m in the process of working on my new act right now, and part of that process is going back through old bits to see if I can find something that needs to be expanded on, or find an old bit I haven’t done in a while to retool into the new act!

While doing so I ran across this unreleased story I told at The Oriental Theatre in Denver. The bit is 16 minutes long so I MAYYYY need to trim it up a bit, but you guys can hear the whole thing here! It is not on my album, nor my upcoming special, so you may be the only ones to hear it for a while!

Have a wonderful day and expect some more entertainment from ya boy this week!

Love ya!