Some word vomit about being a new dad!Listen now (10 min) |
Checkin' in w/ a baby update!Listen now (14 min) | hey gang! Sorry about my absence and thank you for being patient with me! Y’all are the best ‘corey
Well…. It turns out that instead of having our baby on April 10, we are going to have it THIS WEEKEND!!! We’ve been admitted to the hospital where we…
The Baseball Card ProverbWatch now (3 min) | Here’s my silly thought of the week! This is about as deep as I can get 🤣 Sorry bout the wind! Have a great day, y’all! ‘ Corey
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Time Machine Talks: Colonel Cornbread Returns!Listen now (13 min) | On this week’s edition of Time Travel Talks, I head back to meet up once again with Civil War Veteran Colonel Cornbread! I didn’t…
Being A Millennial Husband!Listen now (14 min) | Hey y’all! Ranting into the void about how competitive I am against other husbands and how I think my generation is gonna make…
Brett Favre, Pat Mcafee, and The Barbara Streisand Effect!Listen now (32 min) | The Brett Favre welfare fraud scandal is back in the news after Favre’s team announced they would be suing Pat Mcafee for comments…
Chinese Proverb & Such! Watch now (4 min) | Hey y’all! Wanted to share something with y’all that really helped my brain this week! Love y’all! ‘ Corey

February 2023

I LOVE GATLINBURG! Listen now (9 min) | What’s your favorite cheesy touristy city? Or your favorite cheesy activity? Calling all non-cynics!! Have a good one, y’all!
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