Wonderful sermon Pastor! 👏

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Thank you so much for reminding us about how wonderful daytime game shows were/are. Bob Barker and Price is right was obviously my favorite but this brought back so many awesone shows, my 2nd favorite was Hollywood Squares then, Match Game so hits, Supermarket Sweep, Card Sharks, awe I need a time machine and a sick day...skew

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Aug 27Liked by Corey Ryan Forrester

Inspiring sermon today, pastor Petey!

I just have one teeny favor. Could you please check with Sister Sheila on getting the recipe for her cream of possum casserole? I’m secretly hoping it’s like a possum Alfredo instead of having something weird in it like celery or green peppers. Thanks in advance!

See ya next week, Pastor. May the love of the righteous light your nighttime half asleep trips to your tub room...and may the tub room have a toilet as well...and may you know the difference in your semi-wakeful state.



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Amen Pastor! Preach the praise of that German Chocolate Cake! (I miss my Mom's German Chocolate Cake, I mean I could get on the plane to Tennessee and she would make me one, but I miss one RIGHT NOW!)

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