Joke of The Day 7/27

Beertender - From The Friars Club Encyclopedia


I’m fascinated with jokes. They are my second language. Actually I could probably make the argument that English is my second language, as I primarily speak in “bits”. Most comics I know share this trait. It’s almost impossible to have a conversation with us because it always seems as though we are working an angle. Even at funeral homes if I’m being honest. And there is truth to that. No matter the situation, my mind is looking for a punchline, a structure, and a few beats. It’s probably annoying to my wife, but hey, it puts a roof over our head!

I mentioned that I wanted to do some new things on this Substack and I think I have figured out a segment that maybe you could participate in! I want to talk JOKES! I wanna read them, study them, break them down, and find out what some of your favorites are!

Now, I did not do ANY of that in the video above, I just wanted you to chuckle at the thing that had just made me chuckle. But if you love jokes like I do, let’s explore them together, shall we?