Dude. I hope your little man will one day appreciate the good luck he has/had with a father who was THERE. (And loved him to pieces, as you clearly do.)

Most of my friends hardly ever saw their fathers except when he was in a bad mood at the end a soul-crushing work day -- a dad wanted supper, the news, a ball game, and not to be bothered by ANYone's problems.

I was mighty damn lucky -- my father was a happy man who had a job he enjoyed (farming) which means he was present and usually feeling cheerful. Unless the cows got out... unless the hired man left in a huff, with no warning...

(I also think he was able to sneak some "afternoon delight" with my mom while we kids were at school!)

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So glad you’re feeling better! Snuggle that darling boyo for me, please and thank you.

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You are an awesome dad!

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Love this. Hope this is how you're feeling, right NOW!! Cuz you look and sound like yourself again!! 💜

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Yep! I’m still sick, but compared to how I WAS.... lord I feel better

Like, if I’d been fine all week and woke up how I’m feeling right now, I’d still go to the doctor lol. But since I was living in hell this is a relief 🤣

Thanks for caring!

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