Oct 9, 2021

This week in Southern History - Episode 1 - July 21 1925 - The Scopes Trial

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Corey Ryan Forrester
From my old podcast 'Through The Screen Door', This Week In Southern History is a series that where I take a look at a particular time in history and sum it up with a short story. Inspired heavily by 'Thats The Way I Heard It' with Mike Rowe. I will be posting old episodes here as well as working on new ones:) If you have suggestions or something you'd like to hear, please email me ButterCreamCorey@gmail.com
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In case you missed them when they first aired on my old podcast, I am re-uploading old episodes of my series This Week in Southern History for you here! I am going to reboot the series on my Substack so here is an example of what you can look forward to:)

I really hope you enjoy it

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