Jan 13, 2022 • 6M

This Week In Southern History Throwback: Shannon Faulkner Becomes The First Female to Attend The Citadel

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Corey Ryan Forrester
From my old podcast 'Through The Screen Door', This Week In Southern History is a series that where I take a look at a particular time in history and sum it up with a short story. Inspired heavily by 'Thats The Way I Heard It' with Mike Rowe. I will be posting old episodes here as well as working on new ones:) If you have suggestions or something you'd like to hear, please email me ButterCreamCorey@gmail.com
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Hey there, friends! Enjoy this throwback while I work on this week’s episode and all sorts of fun stuff! As those of you who follow me on socials know, I was in LA filming things this week and my internet was absolutely horrible so I’m a touch behind!

Thanks for your patience and for just being here in general….. talk soon!

Love ya

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