Cuz you’re gonna be stressed and sleep deprived in a fun a weird way for a year. Stay up with us while you keep that lil shit alive. We been thru it and can tell you what to watch.

The good wife is a good newborn show to start

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Try not to be discouraged, but kiss your solid 8 hours of sleep away for the next 5 years at least😂

We celebrate the New Year Japanese style. The big day is the 1st. We wake up to watch the first sunrise of the year then go back home to eat Japanese special New Years food and drink sake. I found I like it better than the American New Years Eve celebrations.

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Best advice I had when my son was born 27 years ago was “don’t babysit your children but rather spend time with them” and secondly regular schedule of wake and sleep, you won’t regret that.

Booze and pills don’t hit. However Cannabis and beer do hit. (Both in moderation of course, except for those lovely winter days when you are snowed in)

Love ya Cory!

Merry Festivus, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, etc. etc.

To all the Sun Stackers on here.

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P.p.s. I dare you to do the labor simulator. 😈🤣

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I double dog dare all three of you boyos to do it. And I know Andi's insta. I could start posting labor simulator videos to it. Put ideas in her head that could spill over to Amber and Katie. I could. Lmao.

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Ps. Festivus is one I think you'll like. Especially its origins. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Festivus

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I will hold you to account if that's what you want. I'll periodically email you articles are people leaving their kids as orphans because they mixed pills and booze if you want cuz there's always at least one.

Felt that baby kick yet? It's not quite as weird as when it's inside you but it's still freaking weird. As for advice...the number one thing a dad can do in the first six months is make sure mom isn't overwhelmed. Get some googling done and understand the physical side effects that she might experience (postpartum depression, feeling disconnected from her body, the bleeding that happens after the child is born etc) and be accommodating. Another piece of advice is preemptively calm down. You're gonna feel like you're gonna break your child just touching him. Doctors appointments are gonna freak you out and confuse you. Last highly important thing I'm gonna end on...let your child find themselves. Don't do the "I'm the daddy I said so" thing. Answer questions. Let them understand why you make the decisions you do and always give them the opportunity to make some kind of decision about something. From the beginning. This is how you build a personality that is strong and confident and who considers their decisions before making them.

I take part in the TST winter holiday Sol Invictus as well as Festivus(the atheist parody holiday) and do Christmas for friends but I'm a holiday baby. My birthday is the 22nd. It's hard to be a holiday baby and not be a little sour about christmas even if your family doesn't hate you. New Years I don't care about one way or the other except I'm in the country and it's an excuse to set stuff on fire(SKEW!)

sorry for the long post. But there you go. You asked lol.

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