Thank you for the pep talk & all you do! BTW, I just started listening to the audio book of Round Here & Over Yonder & I love it!

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Rick Rubin’s book on creativity is a great audiobook. I loved it.

One of the best things about being a creative oddball is not giving a fuck about what anyone else thinks. I learned that an early age and it just keeps being more true.

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I'm so hyped for this week. Thanks for the motivation. Roll Tide Roll 😉

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Clichés -- statements that are trite and true.

Gonna buy your book for my brother's Christmas present.

The statement about doing the work for yourself FIRST. Yea, verily. I put myself in charge of entertaining myself FIRST.

I draw and paint and my biggest problem is when someone says "How much?" meaning "what's the price." (This is AMERICA and if it doesn't make money or kill brown people, it's worthless.) I never know what to answer; consequently, people get my work for free.

The closest I ever came to punching someone's nose out the back of his head was when the guy said "It's nice but you need some ducks flying in the sky part."

(Nothing wrong with ducks... I just don't DO DUCKS.)

I'm just one of your fans and would-be family members and I am grateful to hear your voice in the background when I am in the kitchen, bothering the dishes.

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off topic -- you and Trae commented on how Scotland reminded you of Tennessee and Georgia -- here's a tidbit from David Attenborough...

One pretty cool geological fun fact is that the Scottish Highlands, the Appalachians, and the Atlas are the same mountain range, once connected as the Central Pangean Mountains.

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Feel like I should have bought a ticket for that ride! I did NOT win the lottery this weekend, but your drool-themed park rant was much needed! Fuck the haters! (She says confidently...while still being bothered by that one comment from a stranger on TikTok who accused me of being a hoarder because I said I have a box of the last 10 years worth of photo Christmas cards in my garage because I feel bad about throwing pics of people in the trash.😂) “Don’t read the comments” should be an actual law for me.

Have a great week!

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I saw that same Rick Rubin clip yesterday and had pretty much the same reaction as you, beat for beat. I think it was something all creative people need to hear (me included.) Loved this park rant just as much, though!

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