If, as you imply, the Well-Red Three will not be performing any more road tours as a trio, then I am triply grateful that I said fuck-you to Common Sense and Fiscal Propriety and drove the twelve hours to see you guys. If that was your last hurrah -- then I am so happy to have been there to see and hear it. You guys are a force for the good and I bless you all.

I was in the second row and I saw you just fine. Mister Cho -- you were on FIRE -- you didn't just kill -- you SLEW.

I got home Monday evening, collected my critters from Cat Jail, and then slept for an obscene number of hours. I can't imagine how exhausting it must be on the road. But fun -- yes? I certainly hope so.

And today -- I am entirely happy. Happy that I went to the show. Happy that I saw you guys up close and not on a screen. Happy not to have fallen asleep while driving on Interstate 77 the next morning. (Not to worry. I stopped at the Virginia Welcome Center, mile marker 1, took a one hour nap and played early Louis Armstrong CDs when I resumed the drive.) The music woke up my brain and I had no further falling-sleep issues.

Two regrets: (1) I did not kiss you on the other side of your neck. (Relax Amber, I'm 70 and can't run fast.) (2) I did NOT have my copy of the Liberal Redneck Manifesto (and not just because I came home to a house that was torn apart from a long and fruitless [and bookless] search.) I still haven't found it!

One unfulfilled fantasy, which I am sure is shared by many others: I would have so loved to hang out with you guys for an hour or so ... but I deduce from your tour calendar that you three will be taking a well-earned rest for a month and truly, while I'd be delighted to grovel before you in abject worship, I really didn't want to be a pest.

I hope to read and see more of you on Substack. Thank you again for the hug.

Oh., if you do drag again, try fishnet stockings. I used to wear them in high school when I was marginally cute enough to wear short skirts. But not for purposes vile -- only for practical advantages: they were surprisingly comfortable and what's more, I didn't have to shave my legs as often.

Best to you, Amber, and the Prince. Have a good rest.

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I missed you in Portland but I’m a parent and totally understand Babies is as babies does. Congratulations and Loves to your family Cho!🫶🏻 Looks like your gonna make me come to the South to see ya huh? Please keep doing the southern circuit so I can finally see you live and maybe git to say haaay ✋I’m from Washington State and I heard Done tell Washingtonians Hits 🏔️for you! You are so very good at doing redneck translations of Old English Love Letters. You had me crackin up, it’s relatable, not political and insanely funny! Keep practicing accents cause my 2 girls are 7 and 10 after school they never know where Mom is going to be from today they love it. It’s also what I do when I’ve asked a 3 time for them to pick something up, cause they know I’m serious and still trying to be nice 👍 It works, they laugh and pick up their stuff! It’s a Win, Win! Love the Forrester Walks with Corey! Skew Skew

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Can’t wait to see you tomorrow in Asheville buddy

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Our Corey’s growing up! Great message for everyone.

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Hope to see you guys in Nashville for Christmas!

When my wife and I lived in the upper peninsula of Michigan, a doe would stand out by the feed bin and wait for me. If I didn't come out quickly enough, she'd walk to the sliding glass door and look inside for me. When I came out, she'd follow me to the barn to get a bucketful of corn with molasses, then follow me to the feed bin. She'd eat while I sat with her on the overturned bucket, and we'd visit for 5-10 minutes. Then she'd look me in the eye like, "Well, got errands to run," and saunter back into the woods. It was a daily even for a good five years.

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In Minnesota we see lots of deer out and about. I never get bored

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Keep these videos coming. Scenery is a beautiful!

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Loved the deer and the squirrel! You’re walking in my kind of place. Here in southeast Missouri I have deer cross my street or hang out in someone’s yard. There’s a big herd, about 15 or 20 including the fawns, in a wooded area just behind the school where I teach. We also have a couple of albino deer that get seen every once in a while but I’ve never had the pleasure of seeing those. No matter how common, I love seeing the deer!

Oh, funny story that’s totally true. About 15 years ago a big buck crashed through my next door neighbor’s clear glass storm door one evening. I guess he didn’t realize it wasn’t just an opening. He ran through the living room and into the kitchen and then realized he didn’t think things through very well. They were able to shoo him back out through the broken door after a few minutes but he had a decent rack and that could have ended real bad if he’d charged my neighbors as they tried to scare him back out of the house.

Anyway, have a great weekend and feel free to take us walking with you any time! 😊

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