Joke Of The Day 8/23 - The Baby W/ No Ears!


Hey y’all! Here’s you another little Johnny joke! Remember to share your favorite little Johnny Jokes in the comments, or you can always email me at…..If you DO email me, let me know what your twitter handle is so I can follow you on there and my direct messages will then be open to ya!

Other than that, how’s your Tuesday good? Don’t know if you saw, but for the Game Of Thrones fans out there, My sister Kirby and I are going to be doing a House Of The Dragon review show! Little House of The Dragon will premiere this Sunday ahead of the new episode over at (or on the Puttin On Airs podcast feed)

Paid subscribers here at will get the episode early, along with some bonus footage and hey, who knows… maybe bloopers!

Love ya like my luggage! See ya tomorrow!