Absolutely brilliant. Thank you for this entertaining yarn. Love you!!!

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HA! I knew Petey the Possum would help solve the case!

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Dear Sir,

I write this message with great haste as I wish to inform yourself of several missing parts of the fine literary saga that you Sir have penned and spoken for your audience.

Would you be so kind as to provide some fine folk who did not have the presence of mind to save all the episodes of this story nor had the presence of mind to be in a situation where one could obtain this information.

You see, I was not in a location that these spoken words could be heard or downloaded of stubstack as this newfangled thing called the interweb, or some such thing would not allow my device to bring into being (or I wasn’t bright enough to tap into it at that juncture in the time / space continuum).

Therefore I humbly request a rolling out of the full, or at the very least the first two episodes so I can take part in its entirety.

Respectfully yours,


P.S. I was contemplating my navel for three straight weeks in the midst of a minor late life crisis that required me to shut off from planet earth for a bit while lost in the mountains. I’m back now and am mentally ready to take on this place in life once again. Go retreats! Mental health is the “thing” we all need healing from time to time to rejuvenate. Thank you Dear Sir Corey for supporting the cause. The time you spend on this is important. Thank you!

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What a twisted ending, I loved this whole saga. Bless you for saying positive things about possums. Jerry Harvey would be proud.

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I genuinely did not expect this to turn into a supernatural mystery but I love it. Hopefully Augie will be positively influenced by the Colonel into being more accepting of theater people.

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