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David Sedaris is hilarious! I am never on twitter so I only hear from you on, POA, HOD, Well Red and of course here. I am just so happy to hear you! Love the get to know you! Dude, the Chalupa bread is truly the best. I say that all the time. Omg, those fiesta potatoes, it is magic how they stay crispy! I feel like the Nacho Bellgrande has lost its fanciness since it lost black olives!

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I can't post to Twitter but I can see Twitter and I have to tell you this because this mental image has literally saved my sanity today and i wanted to you to know there was an upside to that bullshit. Ask your wife if she wants me to club MTG on the head,tie her up and dump her on the side of a highway in africa so she can take her place? (No don't but I will be screaming with laughter and joy at the mere thought for the rest of the day) toodles!

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I have a non serious question

Whose got the best Christopher Walken impression 1. Ever and 2. Out of the wellred trio?

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I can't post on Twitter.

If it counts...

One question I'm curious about is this...

You're having a white boy. Have you given any thought to how you're gonna approach teaching your son about avoiding being a..we'll call it stereotypical white boy? I'm not trying to insinuate or lecture or anything I'm just curious as I feel like it's a good question to ask any gestating parents of boys.

Content..God I wish I had the resources. I have so many ideas. Been doing art and music and stuff for decades. But like...I'm bad at techieness and bad at like...being professional. Because anxiety. And I can't afford therapy. It's a weird catch 22. If I got therapy maybe I could put my stuff out there but I really am struggling to put myself out there without therapy...any thoughts on how to pick apart that tangle?

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