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3 Clicks & A Hick: Junius Brutus Booth!


Hey, y’all! How goes it? For those of you who are new round here, 3 Clicks & A Hick is where I play the famous Wikipedia game “3 Clicks To Hitler” (I prefer not to use Hitler in the title, so there ya go, lol)

Anyway, today, I decided that we would start with John Wilkes Booth’s dad, Junius Brutus Booth!

Like many of you, I have been thoroughly enjoying the show Manhunt on Apple TV, so I’m on a bit of an Abraham Lincoln kick.

Got to learn a lot on this run-through of random wikipedia pages, and I hope you enjoy it!

Y’all have a great day and once again, THANK YOU to those who have upgraded to a PAID subscription this week! Means a lot!

love ya!